Before using any herbal medicine

  1. Establish the diagnosis from standard laboratory

  2. If you already have a disease condition discuss with your doctor that you may be considering using herbal preparations.

  3. Do not allow infants, children, and the elderly to use herbal preparations without professional advice.

  4. Pregnant women, nursing mothers and those contemplating pregnancy should not use herbal preparations without advice from professionals.

  5. Do not rely on individual testimonies.

  6. Understand that there may be risks involved.


When intending to use any herbal medicine:

  1. Seek professional advice.

  2. Disclose all your underlying disease(s) and all medication(s) you may be using.

  3. Do not use herbal medicines with known adverse or toxic effects.

  4. Choose herbal patent medicines from established pharmaceutical companies.

  5. It is best to choose products made from a single plant species

  6. It is best to choose products made from extracts over powdered plant material.

  7. Choose only those medicines with a detailed listing of the contents and marked with an expiry date.

  8. Remember the option of a second opinion, including that of your doctor.

  9. Do not exceed the recommended dosage or duration of use.

  10. Tell your doctor that you are using herbal medicines and bring the “bottles” to show him/her.

  11. Always remember the possibility of an additive effect and/or herb-drug interaction.


When to stop using any herbal medicine

  1. When you develop a skin rash, breathing difficulties or any other allergic or adverse reactions

  2. When your symptoms deteriorate

  3. When your symptoms do not improve throughout the time you have been taking the medicine for the recommended duration.

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