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We have various herbal medicinal products that treat various kinds of ailments and help manage different conditions by treating the primary cause of the disease to addressing the secondary condition and opportunistic infections.


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*Capsulated Products:

Gasca D: Is a 100% plant based herbal product that is used for the management of diabetes mellitus and its complications. It improves liver and kidney function. It stimulates immune system and provides dietary fibers and strengthens the bones. It comes as 500mg capsule to be taken twice daily.

Gasca N: Is our best organic based antioxidants herbal formulation that removes oxidant radicals generated as a result of disease or drug induced radical generation. It protects against tissue oxidative damage in diabetes, cancer, ulcer, hypertension, depression and lack of sleep. Gasca N is inform of 500mg capsule to be taken twice daily.

Phytobiotic: Is a plant based broad spectrum antibiotic that is highly effective against bacterial and fungal infections. It is developed from medicinal known to inhibit the growth and reproduction of bacterial and fungal strains. It is 100% organic product. It also stimulates erection due to presence of bioactive metabolites, enhances immune activity. It comes as 500mg capsule to be taken twice daily, depending on the severity of infection.

5-Vit: Is a plant based multivitamin that contains essential amino acids, cofactors, vitamins, and secondary plant metabolite known to boost immune function, increases wound healing and protects against opportunistic infections. It also enhances sexual libido and wet secretion in women by stimulating sexual glands to secrete more fluids. 5-Vit is 100% organic product and comes as 500mg capsule to be taken twice daily.

*Powdered Plant Products: Our different varieties of powdered herbal products preserved in their most natural form that are used for centuries give you a direct contact with natures healing ways. Our powdered herbal products are taken in their natural form as has been used for generations to treat severe infections and conditions. They can be taken with warm or cold water, sometimes additional adjuvant like honey, vinegar, lemon juice, ginger extract enhance their activity. A spoon full of powder can be poured into a container and made up with 100ml of water and drink after 3-5 minutes.

Greenleaf Herbal Shop: This is a herbal shop that retails all kinds of genuine and authentic herbal medicinal formulations, herbal oils, herbal powders, herbal tinctures, herbal teas, herbal toothpaste, pure and medicinal honeys blended with black seed or ginseng etc… @ Greenleaf herbal shop you can shop all kinds of oils such as mint, blackseed, fenugreek, moringa, neem seed, garlic, castor, cadamon, avocado, broccoli, lavender, tea tree, hibiscus, grapeseed, shea butter , sesame, rosemary, chamomile oils etc. We have diabetic herbal tea and hypertension herbal tea.

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